Alabama table by Devina Nais

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This proposal, among the different fixed solutions of the brand, facilitates activities between one area and another of the room, providing great functionality. With the classic style Devina Nais compositions, you will be able to organize spaces rationally, guaranteeing you the functionality and containment you need. Choosing one of our tables allows a wide planning, as you can adapt it according to your most different practical and aesthetic needs. With the help of a good model of classic kitchen among the fixed ones available on the market, it is easy to furnish spaces by fully enhancing them. The beautiful wooden Alabama table by Devina Nais in the photo can be declined in multiple arrangements, colors and finishes with a strong decorative impact. If you are a fan of fixed tables and you don't intend to give up on the quality guaranteed by the well-known brand Devina Nais, then our showroom is the right place.

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