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Our history

Mopar was born at the beginning of the 1970's, turning from a kitchens manufacturer into furniture.

Over time, home and office designè Came to the base of its proposals, always affixed to a careful choice of its partners to offer products that maintain qualityà in time.

Particular attention is paid to the look of the environments to be furnished to reflect the expectations and desires of each.

Features include wallpapers of various textures tailor made for every need.

Mounting è Always handled by specialized internal staff.

The artisan workshop for customized works completes the structure of a company that, on the local market and not only, is known for its experience and serietà ;.

Our services

Consulting and design
Specialized staff at your disposal to imagine and identify your needs, design your environments and create the space to live and live.

Delivery and assembly
Highly qualified internal personnel to carry out transport, assembly and installation operations.

Post-sales support
Internal staff available to solve any need over time for the full satisfaction of our customers.

A carpentry department to make furniture and accessories for personalized furniture solutions.

Free estimates and priced prices including VAT, shipping and assembly.