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  • Modular Bookcase with Glass Doors

Modular Bookcase with Glass Doors

Pianca designs a wide range of bookcases for stays, mixing technical and aesthetic innovation. This product from Pianca Spazioteca Bespoke Bookcase is appropriate for living rooms in current homes. Pianca is able to provide modern style bookcases that are able to solve the needs of life but also satisfy personal tastes. The Spazioteca Custom Bookcase by Pianca in matt lacquer, thanks to the balanced design, organizes urban chic or more classic living spaces at its best. The Spazioteca Bespoke Bookcase of Pianca presents versatile modular elements, which house objects, organize the space and turn out to be a precious element of decoration. With this opaque lacquered bookcase product you will be able to choose the shades and finishes you prefer.

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