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  • Mattress lacquered bookcase

Mattress lacquered bookcase

This kind of Novamobili Modular Wall 12 Library is thought to be the case for today's homes. The Novamobili's Modular Wallpaper 12 offers versatile modular elements, which accommodate objects, organize space and prove to be a valuable element of decoration. Novamobili designs a wide range of bookstores for stays, mixing technical and aesthetic innovation. Novamobili capable of providing modern style libraries that can solve the needs of living but also fulfill your style. With this type of opaque lacquer bookcase, you can choose the tones and textures that most suit you. The Novamobili Modular Wallpaper 12 in opaque lacquered, by the well-balanced design organizzaal better urban spaces chic or more connected to the tradition.

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