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Matt Lacquered Mattress with Canaletto Walnut Handle

Many of the elements to be assembled and assembled according to needs: open or closed elements thanks to antics, dividers, to give rise to numerous versions. Pianca offers a wide range of bedding proposals to suit your living space preferences, providing a lot of useful space for displaying and organizing books, newspapers and small items. In the stays of our houses we will find different furniture and accessories, including the Madia Due Ante Geneva of Pianca, as well as tables and chairs, decorative objects. Pianca Modern Style Wooden Madie, which feature well-studded Stays and Lines. The different daytime furniture furnishes a place where you can relax, be with people, watch TV, work at work, eat meals. In modern-style stays, the Madia Due Ante Geneva Wooden Pianca is located. This and the various suggestions of wooden floorboards in the Pianca brand will be helpful in creating spaces to contain and exhibit. This example of Madia Due Ante Geneva of Pianca presents a touch of style to our stay.

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