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  • Kitchen with Materic Cement Coating

Kitchen with Materic Cement Coating

Sometimes the modern-style kitchen è proposed in matt lacquer. Arrex's solution è a kitchen made in matt lacquer. The choice of a kitchen with an island derives from the conformation of the room o può be a choice of style. If you prefer the modern style, with us you will have the possibilityà to buy your kitchen with island. È it is always better to take into account that the kitchen è a very exposed place, which is why the matt lacquered model requires proper maintenance. Various types of modern style cuisine are available. Practiceà and aesthetics are mixed in the Kitchens with island. Kitchens with island, if well organized, offer unexpected and never banal results. Arrex leaves the 26- # 39; opportunityà to choose among its various models of matt lacquered kitchens. Opting for a kitchen with an island in matt lacquer means not giving up on style. This example of Arrex's Modern Opal Kitchen is può have in different materials.

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